Speaking Your Truth. Engaging Your Advocates

More Than an Agency—An Advocacy

The mission of Proclaim Advocates is to establish the first-of-its-kind, full-service Advocacy—built with the understanding that socially-conscious brands and cause organizations need something more than a traditional marketing agency. They need a team of advocates that are passionate about communicating their organizationʼs deeply held principles. Our mission is to discover the heart of an organizationʼs message and then craft the strategies and tactics needed to move people into informed action.

Digital By Default

Proclaim Advocates is not just a strategy firm with a digital division, nor are we a narrowly-focused digital media production shop. We believe that digital communication technologies constitute the new default state from which we base all strategic decisions. By doing so, we do not distinguish between mediums considered “digital” and those considered “traditional”.

We believe that this and all future generations of donors, advocates and consumers will look first to digital points of interaction with any organization. Therefore, we focus on communicating in any digitally-connected context.

Creative Discipline

We pride ourselves on forging strong teams of professionals, capable of delivering a work product that is stunningly creative and, at the same time, strategically disciplined.

Our client-partners need to communicate messages of critical social importance. We strive to be excellent stewards of this message by understanding the very detailed, functional aspects of their organization and then deliver a creative campaign that resonates with the audiences they serve. We see it as our primary responsibility to challenge ourselves and our client-partners towards achieving creative discipline in all aspects of advocacy campaigns.

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